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Wedding anniversary flowers

Wedding anniversary flowers

What type of flowers for anniversary to gift?

We used to celebrate round and beautiful dates of family life: 25, 30, 50 years. But for the spouses themselves, each new year is the birthday of the family, which remains despite everyday troubles and possible quarrels. Therefore, the husband and wife congratulate each other on their own holiday of love. 

And what holiday takes place without bouquets? In the article, we will tell you what flowers are usually presented for wedding anniversaries. The material is useful for men who are considering a gift for their wives, as well as for children who want to congratulate their parents.

If you decide to give your spouse a surprise and enjoy a sweet moment, the best option would be to buy a flower that symbolizes a certain wedding anniversary.

There are several options for jubilee flowers:

1st Anniversary: Carnations

Carnation flowers meaning is very diverse. Pink carnations symbolize first love, red carnations symbolize passion, lemon and yellow symbolize joy and happiness. Want to give a loved one a composition that can convey a whole kaleidoscope of feelings? The ideal option is a bright and unusual bouquet of carnations in saturated colors.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Carnation
Wedding anniversary flowers – Carnation

2nd Anniversary: Lily of The Valley

Lily of the valley combines the elegant conciseness of the structure with the purity of color and a delicate aroma, which makes the gift even more impressive.

These amazing flowers delight people only a couple of weeks in the spring, but leave so much warmth and tenderness in the heart!

 Wedding anniversary flowers - Lily of The Valley
Wedding anniversary flowers – Lily of The Valley

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

Bouquet with sunflowers personifies fidelity and optimism. Want to give the recipient the solar energy contained in the flowers, charge it positively and cheer up? In this case, a better gift than a composition of small suns cannot be found.

The flowers on the third anniversary are purple, and this is probably the most popular and perfect flowers of all the flowers of the anniversary. Violets have a deep blue color, and they are often used to symbolize eternity. The second color for this flower is the dark blue color of the lotus flower.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Sunflower
Wedding anniversary flowers – Sunflower

4th Anniversary: Zinnia

This flower symbolizes marriage and joy and it is available in various colors and shades. The flower is also commonly used to symbolize remembrance.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Zinnia
Wedding anniversary flowers – Zinnia

5th Anniversary: Daisy

Daisy is a 5 year anniversary flowers. It is not surprising that it was he who was preferred by the royals at all times. Looking at her, it is impossible to contain admiration: juicy colors, unusual shapes of buds, captivating aroma … In the “language of flowers” chamomile means purity, true love, and innocence. “I’m happy when you’re happy.” Whoever gives chamomile deserves your reciprocity. Is a daisy delicate and sensual flower.
Without a doubt, chamomile is the perfect flower for your 5th wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Daisy
Wedding anniversary flowers – Daisy

6th Anniversary: Calla Lily

Translated from Greek calla means “beautiful.” This flower is surprisingly simple and elegant at the same time. It is great for composing a bridal bouquet. In callas, solemnity and tenderness are combined. 

Different varieties of calla lilies, the meaning of the flower of which are quite diverse, have different colors. And their aroma, by the way, is very similar to vanilla.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Calla Lily
Wedding anniversary flowers – Calla Lily

7th Anniversary: Freesia

It is an indispensable companion of spring, heat and sun, the personification of life and is able to renew and revive even old feelings. Bouquets of white freesia or lilac look very elegant. 

With a bouquet of white freesia, you can express gratitude and appreciation. To give freesia to a girl is to admit to her bright and pure love. That is why today in the hands of the bride you can often see a wedding bouquet of freesia.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Freesia
Wedding anniversary flowers – Freesia

8th Anniversary: Lilac

This is also a very popular anniversary flower as it symbolizes love and happiness. The color of this flower is actually a nice combination of pink and purple and it looks really pretty when displayed on a stem. 

Lilac – a romantic flower. It has a very pleasant aroma. For the bouquet, you can choose lilacs of any color and white, and lilac, and lilac, and pink, and purple. In addition, lilacs can be simple and terry. What you choose for a bouquet depends only on your desire.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Lilac
Wedding anniversary flowers – Lilac

9th Anniversary: Bird of Paradise

It is considered a very popular and amazingly beautiful tropical flower. Given this occasion, a bird of paradise will mean loyalty, but it also has a slightly different meaning. These unusual and fun flowers express freedom, joy, and a clear idea of ​​life; this flower brings happiness where it is reflected.

It is widely used in bouquets that need an exotic twist, as well as tropical wedding compositions, buttonholes, and mini-bouquets on the corsages of women’s dresses.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Bird of Paradise
Wedding anniversary flowers – Bird of Paradise

10th Anniversary: Narcissus

It has a pleasant, not sharp aroma. It can last long without water, which is very important for a wedding party that can last more than one hour. 

Narcissus is considered a very romantic flower, which has a unique, unusual beauty. And it seems that from his yellowish, delicate gramophone sounds gentle music.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Narcissus
Wedding anniversary flowers – Narcissus

11th Anniversary: Tulips

Tulip is a symbol of admiration and trembling, as well as joy and good mood. In the language of flowers, a symbol of pure love, great happiness.

All the meanings of the shades are somehow connected with love. Only the strength and fervor of feeling differ.

  • Red tulips symbolize desire, love and passion
  • White buds embody purity of intent
  • Pink flowers indicate the shyness and innocence of the chosen one
  • Purple buds will tell about a man’s desire to know a girl better. It seems to him like she is shrouded in mystery. He wants to solve the mysteries of her soul
  • Yellow tulips mean a desire to delight your beloved, to give her your warmth and care
Wedding anniversary flowers - Tulip
Wedding anniversary flowers – Tulip

12th Anniversary: Peony

Peony is a unique, from the point of view of beauty, flower, which is rightly considered imperial. Peonies are very bright, spectacular and lush flowers. In addition, peonies have bright juicy greens and a strong rich aroma. It is considered a symbol of wealth and nobility. To give a peony is to wish good and prosperity.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Peony
Wedding anniversary flowers – Peony

13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum

In the language of flowers, chrysanthemum represents tenderness, grace and longevity. In many countries of the World, a flower symbolizes fidelity, purity of thoughts, clarity of mind, love, sadness, as well as a long and prosperous life.

This is an extraordinary restrained beauty, durability, a wide variety of varieties, and an inexhaustible range of floral ideas embodied in interesting interior decorations, gifts for your beloved ones on the most important occasions.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Chrysanthemum
Wedding anniversary flowers – Chrysanthemum

14th Anniversary: Orchid

Orchid is a symbol of perfection and it is not without reason that many call them “aristocrats” among plants. They are like works of art that enrich and delight us with their natural beauty and perfection, true pure and true love.

Subtle aromas of these colors will turn your head and awaken only the brightest times of the life of people who love each other.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Orchid
Wedding anniversary flowers – Orchid

15th Anniversary: Roses

The people call the rose the queen of flowers. It combines love and hate, beauty and glory, martyrdom and sadness, forgiveness, and pride. A bouquet that includes only simple roses is considered a great gift. Fifteen years together is an important date in your life. Send a dozen roses to celebrate this momentous occasion in luxury and style.

Language of colors:

White rose – means love, purity, laughter, fun. This color is suitable for any occasion.

Red is a classic symbol of passionate love and fidelity. At the same time, he personifies freedom, change, and novelty.

Pink – denotes tender love, deep affection, perfect family happiness.

Yellow – is currently a symbol of treason and separation. However, before the yellow flower was considered the flower of good luck. 

The yellow color was considered the most beautiful and prevailed in the color of the clothes of emperors, as well as priests. This color is a symbol of the sun, wisdom, joy, good mood, nobleness, and honor.

Orange is a vivid symbol of the strength of a person; it can mean both great joy and ardent desire.

Wedding anniversary flowers - rose
Wedding anniversary flowers – rose

20th Anniversary: Aster

Aster flower is a symbol of love. Flowers with an even number of petals promise longevity and prosperity, this is a symbol of the eternal source of life.

They symbolize accuracy, modesty and wisdom, truth and beauty, elegance and sufficiency, purity of thoughts, and the accuracy of your chosen path. If you want to know more about 20th wedding anniversary, then we found out a lot of interesting information that will undoubtedly make you not pass by.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Aster
Wedding anniversary flowers – Aster

25th Anniversary: Iris

From the flowers you get magnificent bouquets, which are not ashamed to present as a gift. Iris is a symbol of hope and trust, love affection and cordial disposition.

They are found almost everywhere, but this fact does not affect their attractiveness and popularity. Legends are composed of these flowers, they are elevated to the rank of symbols and endowed with magical abilities, and rainbow males modestly remain silent just giving us their beauty.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Iris
Wedding anniversary flowers – Iris

30th Anniversary: Lily

Lily is one of the most famous flowers, distributed throughout the planet. These elegant flowers with a pleasant aroma from ancient times were considered the embodiment of refined beauty and purity, a symbol of purity and spirituality.

The most popular are white lilies – a symbol of innocence and purity of thoughts. It is customary to give them to young girls as a sign of the most tender feelings, women will also be pleased to receive a bouquet of lilies, it is only better to choose flowers of other shades. But no matter what color you choose, lilies look very harmoniously in bouquets and combine perfectly with other colors

Wedding anniversary flowers - Lily
Wedding anniversary flowers – Lily

40th Anniversary: Gladiolas

Gladiolus stands for friendship and memory, nobility and fidelity. He, like no one else, personifies the symbol of a long, strong and true love, which went through the years meeting on its way as bright, funny, happy and joyful moments.

Wedding anniversary flowers - Gladiolus
Wedding anniversary flowers – Gladiolus

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets

If you are looking for gifts to give your beloved wife on her fiftieth anniversary of marriage, then our team congratulates you on your anniversary with great pleasure and great respect!

This is the one and only anniversary that is celebrated immediately by two flowers, namely a yellow rose and violets. They will definitely be an excellent addition, idea and perfectly combine in the gift basket as an original gift for the 50th wedding anniversary. These flowers look very harmoniously and colorful together complement and complement each other with their natural beauty, just like you and your beloved wife, after decades spent in close bonds of faithful, pure and eternal love.

She will undoubtedly be very glad to your charming bouquet of these flowers presented from a pure heart to the most beloved, gentle, caring person in his life!

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