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50th wedding anniversary ideas

50th wedding anniversary ideas

How to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

When your parents reach their 50th wedding anniversary it should be seen as a significant event.

You are the product of their successful union, and although there are others, you can contribute to this important time in their lives by making an unforgettable party on the 50th wedding anniversary. After all who could possibly know them as well as you do. 

Half a century of marriage calls for a real celebration. Whether it’s a big bash or a family get-together, here are some tips for planning a 50th anniversary party. (Although a couple’s children often arrange this event, you and your spouse can absolutely throw a party for yourselves.)

To get started, here are 50th wedding anniversary ideas:

Setting A Date

When the time is approaching for the anniversary party, you should set the date for 3-4 months in advance, in consultation with the couple and immediate family members. 50 years of marriage is an important milestone, тhey managed to survive half a century of life’s ups and downs together and some of your loved ones may come from afar to attend this event. 

It is very important to set a date in advance to give family and friends an advantage when traveling and staying. Do not forget to warn relatives who live far away in advance.

Choose a place

For the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary, different options may suit you. Art Gallery for Creative People. A picturesque courtyard for couples in love with nature or a penthouse for those who prefer comfort.

50th anniversary party ideas
50th anniversary party ideas

The 50th anniversary is known as the golden anniversary, so you need to use gold jewelry. 

Here is some of them:

  • Tie gold ropes around the backs of chairs
  • Use white porcelain with gold trim
  • Put gold paper napkins under the plates
  • Post photos from the entire marriage of the couple in gold frames
  • Serve crystal glass drinks with golden accents
  • Tie napkins with a gold ribbon
  • Light candles in gold candle holders

Golden balls, tablecloths, lanterns, and flowers – all these are integral parts for your party. The main thing is not to overdo it with the addition, otherwise, it will look too catchy.

Create a slideshow or movie

By the fiftieth wedding anniversary, you should create a slideshow of the best photos of the couple, which will be played on a blank wall throughout the holiday (if you do not have enough photos, you can simply repeat it).

Add a playlist of love songs that were popular when they met. Do not forget the first dance song from your wedding, if you know it, and any other songs that have sentimental meaning for them, by all means, choose songs to their taste. Immerse them in an atmosphere of nostalgia.

And now a toast!

As on their wedding day, they are necessary and add a special touch, prepare toasts for the couple to mark this event. Close family members and dear friends can share their opinions about the couple and how they began to admire the couple’s union over the years. Spouses can also share their feelings with each other in front of the guests. 

50th anniversary celebration
50th anniversary celebration

If you do not want to take too much time or overdo it with toasts, here are a few toasts and ideas for your consideration:

  • Ask the children of the couple to make a toast (this is required)
  • Let the couple give a toast (usually this is a must)
  • Have the grandchildren of the couple make a toast (usually required)
  • Let 2-3 close friends give a toast

If you are not an expert on toasts or if you want to somehow surprise a couple, then we have collected the most original and interesting Wedding wishes especially to lighten your searches. Also do not forget to make a soft drink, such as carbonated cider, so that those who do not drink alcohol can still make a festive toast.

Games for couples

Create games that test pair compatibility or knowledge of each other. One example is actually called “Compatibility,” a game in which players are given a word and a set of pictures, and then asked to select the pictures that represent the word to them. Compare their answers with the answers of their partners. This is easy to do at home if you are not going to buy any games for this occasion.

50th wedding anniversary party ideas
50th wedding anniversary party ideas

The games of the other couple can be Two Truths and False or Guess the Celebrity. For the last game you will need a pen, tape and paper labels. Write a few names of famous couples on the labels and stick each on the back of a person. Each of them will then ask other important questions about a couple of celebrities written on their backs to gather enough information to guess who they are. A significant other should answer questions with yes or no. A pair that correctly guesses first wins! 

This doesn’t have to be exclusive to married couples or even to those who are dating. The commitment could be any relationship, whether it is one of marriage, friendship, family, etc. This way, everyone will be included! Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to learn a bit about each other.

Hire a photographer

As on the wedding day, and after 50 years, you will just need a photographer. It will help recreate a couple of wedding photos or engagements (which they may not have done).

fiftieth wedding anniversary
fiftieth wedding anniversary

A photographer must also be hired to take pictures not only of the main couple, but of the whole event, as it is very important. Think of the rest of the guests having a photo zone with fun props. Thus, you can send everyone not only your photos, but also photos of guests about the past party.

The 50th anniversary is a historic achievement for any married couple. This anniversary party should become really special and give the couple the wedding day they always wanted or …

Send parents an unforgettable romantic getaway

50th wedding anniversary ideas for parents
50th wedding anniversary ideas for parents

Why not surprise your parents by paying for them to enjoy a romantic getaway? It will not be very bad 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas. They definitely should like a place where they were not yet, or they could visit a place where they enjoyed their honeymoon fifty years ago. For them, it will be an opportunity to recreate some of the precious minutes that they had for the first time they were there. Or do you remember how they said they would like to visit a certain place? Make their wish come true!

If you want to please them with a special gift for the 50th wedding anniversary. Then you need to take a responsible approach to your choice, but not everyone knows what is best to give and what they like now. It will not be easy, but we are ready to help you with this and offer you several Traditional and modern anniversary gifts. We really hope and want to help in this difficult choice, saving you a lot of time looking for a unique, interesting and memorable 50th wedding anniversary gifts

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